Our Story

Our Mission:
Abundant Roots has grown out of a collective desire to help people heal themselves through plant-based diets and proper nutrition. Our goal is to make healthy alternatives convenient and accessible. We select only the best, sustainably sourced ingredients for our own products, and only carry the most effective, plant-based nutrient delivery and detox systems on the market.

Our Promise:
We do the research so you don’t have to. Giving back to the community is a huge part of what motivates us. We strive to share our research and resources with all of our customers. Our products are inspired by the time-honored science of Ayurveda and are carefully crafted to maximize health benefits.



The Beginning:
Born and raised in the mid-west, founder Bret Mason wasn’t introduced to spirituality and Eastern philosophy until much later in life. After serving in the US Navy, he spent most of his adult years working to raise six kids while trying to save for retirement.

But, by the time he turned 50, Bret felt like he was falling apart. Depressed and weighing over 300 pounds, he took about a dozen prescriptions daily and slept with a breathing mask.

Then in 2012, at 52 years old, Bret binged a series of health documentaries on Netflix. When he woke up the next morning, he knew how to heal himself and was inspired to act.

He adopted a plant-based diet, began juicing organic fruits and vegetables and practiced yoga daily. Within 9 months, Bret shed over 100 pounds and stopped taking all prescription medications. He was a changed man.

Having healed himself, Bret felt that same inspiration moving him to help others do the same. He wanted to give people a warm reminder of how important it is to care for our ourselves and each other.

Bret traveled to the White Lotus Yoga Foundation in Santa Barbara to learn from two renowned yoga instructors, Ganga White and Tracey Rich.

He is a Registered Yoga Teacher, CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. He studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Kung Fu Master Sifu Huey.

Bret built an Ayurvedic health clinic from the ground up and began practicing. Inspired to help others make changes in their own daily lives, he named his practice Winds of Change and got to work.

A turning point:
From June to October of 2016, Bret was in a series of devastating accidents that turned his practice upside down. After multiple shoulder and spinal surgeries, Bret found it impossible to continue doing bodywork and began to reach out to family and friends to help him continue what he started.

Bret and his loving wife Julie, began making kitchari kits for local yoga teachers, former clients and friends. They also hosted kitchari cleanse workshops and educated the community on Ayurveda. The response was overwhelming. People loved the comforting convenience of the kitchari. They couldn’t make their kits fast enough.

In 2018, their daughter, Courtney, and her partner, Lucas, left their jobs in Southern California to take a chance on growing the nutritional side of the business. Together they created a perfectly balanced, just-add-water kitchari kit and started selling at local farmers markets. And just like that, Abundant Roots was born.

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